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Continental Armory is proud to be your #1 choice as a gun store, and thanks to our commitment to bringing you the best customer service and shopping experience, using layaway to lock up your firearm purchase has never been easier.

 Our Layaway program is designed to allow you to take advantage of our huge savings, even if you do not have the funds immediately available. We recognize that customers who want to take advantage of our inventory are not always able to immediately fund these purchases, therefore; with our layaway program, 25% down will get you 90 days to pay the balance.

90-Day Layaway Terms and Conditions

● Layaway applies to firearms in store only.

● All Sales are final and subject to our terms and conditions. No
substitutions, returns or exchanges allowed.

● The layaway period begins on the date of order and ends 90 calendar
days from that date.

● You may cancel this layaway at any time before your last payment is
made by notifying us either by phone, email or in person, but will
forfeit all funds paid.

● If we do not receive your final payment by the end of terms, we will
automatically cancel your layaway purchase and you will forfeit all
funds paid.

● In the event of cancellation or ATF 4473 Deny, you will forfeit all
funds paid.